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As strategic partners, Protect Middle East (PME), market leading specialty contractors since 1984, and SBSi engineering, as international consultants with over 40 years of experience, joined hands to meet the rising need for a single-source approach to structural concrete upgrade and durability challenges. Together we provide decision makers with integrated Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) solutions on a turn-key basis.

When it comes to retrofit remedial works choosing an experienced specialized team is a key factor to ensure success by doing it right the first time. Relying on their engineering, construction, structural rehabilitation and moisture control know-how, PME and SBSi engineering give special attention to quality products and professional workmanship for a track record of trust, reliability and client satisfaction. Our project team closely coordinates with clients to ensure works are completed safely, promptly and within budget while meeting the specific needs of the project.

With over 35 years of operation in the UAE market, PME built extensive experience in dealing with retrofit solutions to problems arising from harsh and aggressive local environments. PME takes pride in over 1250 projects executed to the highest quality standards in an effective and cost-efficient manner. With repetitive, multi-sector, local, international, private and public clients including airports, embassies, palaces, banking institutions and shopping malls PME has a track record of customer satisfaction that instils confidence.

PME staff are regularly trained both locally and overseas to improve their knowledge and master the latest in working techniques. PME are exclusive dealers for a wide array of specialty international products for concrete repair, structural stability, moisture control and waterproofing, surface coating and special flooring. Since 2009, PME obtained and maintained ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications.

PME activities include:
  • Civil engineering works
  • Concrete repairs and rehabilitation
  • Injection
  • Moisture control and waterproofing
  • Surface coatings and special floorings
  • Construction chemicals
  • Technical engineering solutions

SBSi engineering is a team of reliable professionals with extensive experience in engineering consultancy and design-build turnkey project delivery. Our project management professionals and quality control teams coordinate efforts to ensure solutions are implemented promptly, within budget and in compliance with project specifications. We believe in a partnering approach where clients, engineers, experts, suppliers and contractors come together as one team for the success of the project. Projects range from residential building complexes to high end private villas and hotels in addition to office, commercial, recreational, industrial and educational facilities.

Regardless of the challenge, our solution building experts capitalize on over 40 years of industry experience in structural design, upgrade, repair, strengthening, rehabilitation and renovation, to develop innovative, effective, optimized, constructible and cost-efficient tailored solutions where conventional approaches failed. From initial diagnosis, investigation and condition assessment to solution development and implementation, we assist clients in the decision-making process to restore functionality for the intended service life preserving and often adding value to their investments.

Our services include:
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Structural strengthening and repair
  • Renovation, rehabilitations and upgrade
  • Structural SBS Slab System
  • Construction and project management
  • Turnkey project delivery
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Our Leadership Team
Every member of our team is an experienced professional dedicated to Sustainable Building Solutions. Each one brings a unique set of skills and takes pride in a job well done. Regardless of the challenge our multidisciplinary professionals work as one to do it right the first time.
Joseph Gedeon

Managing Partner

Protect Middle East LLC

As founder and managing partner of Protect Middle East (PME) since 1984, Mr. Joseph Gedeon has led the company’s impressive growth from the UAE to the world. For the past 35 years Gedeon has provided innovative construction solutions to multi-sector clients including various government projects, airports, palaces, shopping malls, embassies and infrastructure projects, earning the trust of local and international partners. Gedeon’s widespread business network and partnerships with renowned manufacturers are built on a track record of integrity in business dealings. A strong advocate of quality and excellence quality and excellence, Gedeon plays a leading role in maintaining the highest quality standard ISO certifications and provides strategic guidance to the team.
Nicolas G. Choucair

MSCE – IIT Chicago - USA

Lead Solution Builder – IDB team

With over 40 years of professional engineering design and construction practice, Eng. Nicolas Choucair, is a structural expert with extensive experience in structural design, repair, strengthening, and rehabilitation. In the early 1990s, he obtained the patent of the Structural SBS (Steel Block Slab) cast in-situ concrete system used in numerous projects across the region to overcome critical design challenges for up to 20m of unobstructed spans. Where conventional approaches fell short, Eng. Choucair has engineered innovative effective solutions to a large number of puzzling structural challenges. Drawing on his substantial experience in structural strengthening technologies and techniques, planning and execution of full scale in-situ load testing, concrete repair and moisture control, Eng. Choucair leads our solution building team from initial diagnosis to the development and implementation of innovative optimized constructible solutions.
Elie Gedeon

Civil Engineer, BSCE, M.E.M

Solution Builder – IDB team

As a key member of the PME team, Eng. Elie Gedeon has acted as project director and technical manager on a substantial number of structural concrete rehabilitation, moisture control and special flooring projects with a track record of challenges successfully met. Gedeon handles managerial and technical responsibilities for the integrated Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) solutions team. From initial diagnosis to solution development and implementation, he has planned, directed, coordinated and lead activities to ensure project goals and objectives are achieved within the prescribed time frame, quality standard and funding parameters. Eng. Gedeon has gained extensive experience in liaising with specialty product suppliers worldwide and is constantly on the lookout for the latest techniques and pertinent solutions.
Nicolas Jr. Choucair

Civil Engineer, BSCE

Solution Builder – IDB Team

Handling technical and managerial responsibilities, Eng. Nicolas Jr. Choucair has been active in the structural design and construction management of a wide array of projects ranging from residential to commercial, industrial and infrastructure. In addition to new construction, Eng. Choucair has handled challenging restoration and rehabilitation projects requiring structural repair and strengthening and the addition of basement floors under existing old structures. As a team leader on specialty design and contracting projects he has trained designers, prepared and followed up on proposals, manufacturing orders and coordinated with technical installation teams and among trades to ensure smooth workflows. He is a key member of our IDB team with reliable on the job experience in concrete repair, facility renovation and liaising with clients, suppliers and contractor teams.

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